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Step 4: Inspect the tire

Inspect the tire: It's important to find whatever caused the flat and remove it. If you don't, the sharp item might still be in the tire where it'll just pop your new tube. To find it, remove your glove (or use a rag), and run it around inside the tire in both directions (photo). If something sharp is still stuck in your tire, it'll snag the glove. Remove the nasty. If you can't find anything, it's likely it got knocked out during the disassembly procedure.

  • Be sure to check inside the rim, too. The rim strip covering the sharp spoke holes (and sometimes the spoke nipples), can move, which allows the tube to be cut. Make sure that the rim strip covers completely.
  • As long as the hole in the tire is about 1/4-inch long or less, you'll be okay reusing it.
  • If the tire has a large gash in it, you'll need to patch it somehow before reinstallation. Paper money works great. Simply place it over the hole as you install the tire and tube. It'll reinforce the tire at the hole and get you home. Replace the tire ASAP.
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    Inspect the tube
    Inspect the tire
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